Patient Notice

Some of our patients may already know that Dr Domville has resigned from the GP Partnership at Castlefields Surgery. Her reasons for doing so are primarily due to the immense pressures of a GP Partner workload: she will be greatly missed by the team for her team spirit, dedication, commitment and innovation during her time with Castlefields.

The remaining Partners, Dr Holden and Dr McCosh wish to reassure you all that the services provided to you will continue to be GP led and had been actively seeking to appoint a new GP Partner without success. Alternative options were followed-up that led to discussions with the Weeping Cross Group of practices (Weeping Cross, Beaconside and John Amery Drive) where there has been a unanimous decision by all parties to merge. Approval has been sought and agreed with NHS England and our local Clinical Commissioning Group (Stafford & Surrounds) and support has been offered to administer the process. The Partners will be working closely with the Weeping Cross Partnership over the coming months to ensure a successful merger takes place.

There will be many benefits to our group of patients’, not least the continuation of a GP led service, and further strengthening our position to offer a more diverse package of care. We will be at the forefront in our local area to align with the NHS 10 Year Forward Plan that plans to increase the number of bigger teams of health professionals working together in their local community.

It’s a very exciting development and we hope that our patients will support us going forward. Further information will be available on our website and in the patient newsletter. Please also see the attached ‘Frequently Asked Questions’: we welcome any questions and feedback from you. There will be feedback/question forms to complete in the waiting room and members of our Patient Participation Group will be meeting with patients in the waiting room throughout the process.

FAQs: Dr Domville Resignation & Merger with the Weeping Cross Group

1. How will this affect me?

If you are a registered patient with Dr Domville, you will from 18th March 2019 be able to book an appointment with any GP.

If you are registered with Dr Holden or Dr McCosh you can from 18th March 2019 book an appointment with any GP.

2. What about a named GP for patients 75 years and older?

Patients of Dr Domville’s will be transferred to one of the two remaining partners.

3. Where have Dr Domville’s appointments gone?

Two GPs: Dr Emma Paterson (locum GP) and Dr Rohit John (locum GP) will be covering most of the appointments offered by Dr Domville and there will be changes to Dr Holden and Dr McCosh’s sessions to provide more appointments.

4. When will the merger happen?

Expectation is that the process will complete in October 2019.

5. Will I be able to see any GPs at the other practices in the group when the merger is complete?

This is one of the items that will be worked through as we progress with the merger plan.